National & International Programs

NASA space program

Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand - Neil Armstrong

Inspire. Engage. Educate. Employ - the next generation of explorers, is what NASA aims at. With this in mind, Cambridge Public School encourages students to visit the Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in Florida USA KSC offers a wonderful educational and entertainment experience to students. Students get a chance to explore, experience and interact through space shuttle mission simulations. It is an enriching experience that comes once in a lifetime.

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Our school delegation, comprising 11 students, participated in the Delhi Public School Model UN conference in Bangalore. The students performed very well in all the Committees. Ekansh of Class 8 got a special mention. The delegation was led by Mrs. Uma Venkataraman and Mrs. Rekha.


Model United Nations (MUN) are sessions which are simulations of the United Nations sessions. The delegates play the roles of representatives from different countries. There will be multiple committees, each focusing on one issue of importance to the UN. The issue could be a raging war in some area, an epidemic affecting the people in one region, discrimination among people based on color, religion or another factor, natural disasters, or any such matter facing the world.

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NewsWiz Quiz

A quiz was conducted by Aaj Tak TV, where the Quiz Master was Rajdeep Sardesai. Ten teams from our school participated. The team comprising of Anubhav and Abhinav stood 6th out of 56 schools that participated. The delegation was led by Mrs. Parimala Guruprasad. Selection of students for the program was through a written quiz conducted at the school by Mrs. Uma Venkataraman.

HMUN 2019

Delegates from our school have been participating in the annual Harvard MUN (HMUN) session at Hyderabad for the last eight years, apart from attending different sessions across the country and at Boston.A delegation of 7 students from our school participated in the Harvard Model UN (HMUN) Conference at Hyderabad from 15th to 18th August 2019.

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HMUN 2018

Our school delegation participated in the HMUN at Hyderabad for the 7th year. HMUN strives to foster a constructive forum for open dialogue on complex global issues. This year, our school was recognized for a long-standing association with the HMUN. The school was awarded with a citation, the Faculty Advisor was also honoured during this occasion. The delegation was led by Mrs. Uma Venkataraman.