National & International Programs (CAM MUN)

Cambridge Model United Nations (MUN) Programs

Model United Nations (MUN) are sessions which are simulations of the United Nations sessions. The delegates play the roles of representatives from different countries. There will be multiple committees, each focusing on one issue of importance to the UN. The issue could be a raging war in some area, an epidemic affecting the people in one region, discrimination among people based on color, religion or another factor, natural disasters, or any such matter facing the world. The delegates at these sessions gain insight into the world of international relations, the working of United Nations and the fine art of finding solutions to global problems. Participation in these sessions requires a high degree of dedication, willingness to do research, ability to put one’s thoughts coherently and the skill to present these effectively.

Our school successfully conducted the First Cambridge Model UN Conference on 22-23 June 2019 where 150 delegated from FIVE schools participated. The sessions were managed by the students themselves, with them enacting the roles of Secretary General, Heads of Committees, and moderators in sessions. The school and the teachers supported the students in their activities.

The Conference was inaugurated by the Principal, Mrs. Judith Singh.
The Faculty Advisor, Mrs. Uma Venkataraman, delivered the Welcome Address.