Scouts and Guides

Cambridge Public School is having two units namely Cambridge Scout Troop and Cambridge Guide Company which has been registered in The Bharat Scouts and Guides, Karnataka, State Headquarters, Shanthi Gruha, Bangalore. Being part of Scouts and Guides helps our students in inculcating discipline and self-independence.

We have 32 Scouts and 32 Guides in our Troop operating successfully, the troop is headed by Mr. Sayed Hussain.

From our School 4 scouts got Tritiya Sopan Award in the month of April 2018 and 4 Scouts took part in Rajyapuraskar Testing Camp held in the month of May 2018. All the Scouts qualified in the exam.

6 Scouts and 6 Guides participated in Dwitiya Sopan Testing Camp held at BCR Public School Chikkabegur, Bangalore and got the Dwitiya Sopan Award from State Chief Commissioner Sri PGR Sindhia.

Our Scouts and Guides are actively taking part in the all the activities organized by the Bharat Scouts and Guides, Karnataka.

The Scouts and Guides organization is divided into 4 groups:

Cubs 5 to 10 years Boys
Bulbuls 5 to 10 years Girls
Scouts 10 to 17 years Boys
Guides 10 to 17 years Girls




Dwitiya Sopan

Tritiya Sopan

Rajpuraskar Award

Rashtrapathi Award