Health and Safety

Responsibilities of the Health and Safety Committee at Cambridge Public School :

The school is committed to ensuring a high standard of health, safety and welfare for all staff, pupils and visitors, by ensuring the following :

A healthy and safe environment throughout the school

Safe working practices for staff and pupils

Access to health and safety training

Procedures for emergencies such as fire, earthquake etc and first aid

Monitoring of health and safety standards in the school

Access to specialist help with reference to health and safety matters

Encouragement for staff to participate in the promotion of health and safety standards in the school

Ensure that routine maintenance checks and inspections required by legislation of fixed service equipment are done.

Ensure the provision and maintenance of all 'fire' equipment, including the preparation and review of Fire Risk Assessments.

Ensure that injuries, diseases and dangerous occurrences are reported to the enforcing authority and to monitor incidents to identify methods of reducing accidents

To ensure the necessary records are maintained relating to accidents associated with the work of the school

Ensure that health and safety is considered as an integral part of teaching in the school and activities carried out accordingly

Ensure that premises safety inspections are carried out at specified intervals e.g. Termly, recorded and that necessary remedial action is carried out

Ensure that health and safety is taken into account when considering any proposed or impending changes e.g. building works, room allocation or usage, etc

Ensure that emergency procedures and fire evacuation practices are in place within the school

Investigate and advise on hazards and precautions

Publicise safety matters

Ensure all full and part-time staff receive appropriate health and safety training at induction which must include emergency arrangements (i.e. first aid, fire and accident reporting), and specific sections of the Health and Safety Policy are discussed to ensure that new members of staff are aware of their responsibilities and any restricted tasks and activities


Ensure adequate numbers of staff are provided with appropriate training so that they may support the following management arrangements:

    First aid.

    Fire and emergency evacuation.

    Risk assessments, including fire, display screen equipment, manual handling, substances and general risk assessments.

    Prepare for a health and safety audit once in a year

    A high standard of housekeeping is maintained

    Records are maintained to show that portable electrical equipment, etc. are maintained and tested as required

Health and Safety Committee Members :

Ms. Krithika. N - Health And Safety - Incharge

Mr. Satish M.N. - School Administrator

Ms. ParimalaGuruprasad - School Counsellor

Ms. Manali Mistry - Librarian And Committee Member

Ms. Muthamma - PE Teacher /Committee Member

Ms. Gurwinder Kaur - PE Teacher /Committee Member

Mr. Hussain - Discipline Incharge

Ms. Pooja - Nursery Teacher/Committee Member

Ms. MugdhaBasankar - Nursery Teacher /Committee Member

Ms. Mahalakshmi-PE Teacher/Committee Member

Mr. Byresha -PE Teacher /Committee Member

Ms. Vandana - Committee Member

Ms. SapnaSathish - Committee Member


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