Assessment Evaluation

Assessment :

Assessments will be conducted periodically as per the requirement of the Council. The average of the assessments will be considered for final promotion.

Absence from assessments is strictly discouraged and only genuine cases will be considered.

Cheating, helping another student or any other malpractice in an examination disqualifies the student for the whole examination.

If a holiday is declared on the scheduled day for assessment, the same will be conducted after the last day of the Assessment

Grading Criteria :

Grades : I to X

Evaluation: Grade I to Grade X

3 Unit Tests and 2 Examinations :

1 I Test: 10%
2 I Term: 30%
3 II Test: 10%
4 III Test: 10%
5 Final Exam: 30%

Grade I & II :

50 Marks: Written Examination

50 Marks: Internal Assessments

Grade III to X :

80 Marks: Written Examination

20 Marks: Internal Assessments

Group I Subjects: 80% Written Examination 20% Internal Assessments

Group II Subjects: 80% Written Examination 20% Internal Assessments

Group III Subjects: 50% Written Examination 50% Internal Assessments

Please Note:

Grade X will have UT-I, Mid Term Exam and Pre-Board I & II

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